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People's lives change more rapidly than ever. Long-term unemployment, a second marriage, a catastrophic injury to a minor child or any number of other factors can make initial court orders in a divorce obsolete.

A change in financial circumstances of the parties or in the needs of a child may necessitate the modification of an existing child support or alimony order. The need to relocate your residence because of a job opportunity or a new spouse may require modification of an existing parenting schedule.

At the office of Tom Rorie, Attorneys at Law, in Nacogdoches, Texas, we have represented clients in numerous post-divorce modification matters. We also represent individuals who want to block a modification request.

Lufkin Child Support Modification Attorney

We have a thorough knowledge of the procedure and circumstances that must be shown to amend a court order, and can help you present or defend against an alleged change of circumstances. Circumstances that may support deviation include:

  • If a parent paid the support order, he or she would not be able to support himself or herself.
  • A parent or child has extraordinary medical expenses.
  • A child has special needs or aptitudes.
  • A parent is incarcerated, is likely to remain incarcerated for an additional three years and has insufficient financial resources to pay support.
  • The parties agree and the court approves their agreement.

Our lawyers also help with child support enforcement issues if a party is failing to comply with a court order.

If you are facing financial difficulty or anticipate relocating, initiating modification proceedings as soon as possible can reduce the likelihood of legal complications later. If you need additional information regarding post-divorce modifications, or want to request a change of custody or support, call our experienced Nacogdoches child custody modification attorneys at 936-398-8009 or email us to schedule a consultation.